You are in the NY area, have you seen her prints?, They are at Howard Greenburg gallery to view, also there is going to be a show of her work at Stephen Bulger gallery here this year in Toronto. I am very excited to see this work as I have only seen a small body of original negs, and one of the poorly printed books.

One of my friends owns 33 original negatives of Vivian Maier, she bought them on the internet at the very beginning stage when the person who bought the locker the negs were in, did not understand what he was sitting on and was selling them on Ebay.
She purchased them online . I must say that I think Vivian Maier's work is up there with the best , but that is only my opinion.
Time will tell , who curates the negatives, who decides what gets printed and how will be a big factor on where her place in history ends up.
I believe it is way to early to compare her work with Winogrand, Bresson, Brassai and others of her timeline before and after. Give her work some breathing room and pardon the pun but see how her work is developed.

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I like many of her photos also, but I can't help but think that the greater part of what has captivated the the world about her is the personal story. Winogrand? Bresson? Unfair comparison, I know, but sorry - Maier's not even close.