Here I am in my bathroom darkroom, bulb in the ceiling lamp. I start noticing fogged highlights. I thought I had fogged the paper. so I grabbed a piece of a different box , same thing. too weird 'cause I know I didnt fogged them. then I process an unexposed piece of paper for 3 min in Dektol 1:2 , I see the paper turning darker and darker to the point of black right in front of my eyes. wow: I said, the safelight is not safe anymore . I realized the room didnt look that much red anymore.... Did this happen to anybody else ?

Then I went on processing with lights off. I noticed still highlights fogged even from different boxes that I know are not fogged. too weird. I said , could it be the Dektol ?
I dumped it and made a fresh mix of working solution from the same batch of stock solution. process with safelight off. Perfect whites . back to normal. So that mix of working solution in the tray had gone bad... why ?

what are the chances of these two things happening to me at the same time ? what happened ? I am proud of my troubleshooting though. :-)