I gave up on big grainy enlargements once Agfachrome 1000 was discontinued. I did some unrealistic but stunning portrait work with it on, of
all things, matte Ciba, and never found any film even close to my liking afterwards. I don't care much for Diego Rivera simply because I'm tired
of all that, since my aunt worked in a very similar style and I inherited a lot of her studies for the murals (about 40 murals are on the nat'l
historic register, plus all the major museums have samples - so basically no more "social realism" for me - as much as I loved my aunt and
discussed art with her. She was still painting watercolors even on her deathbed, and every one of them was immediately sold right off the little pad for significant sums of money. I am a "rocks and trees" guy myself, who loves hauling an 8x10 up hills and thru brush, but in a much more intense sense than the postcard crowd, and have actually unnerved a few viewers by the complexity of the compositions. Think I'd
go insane without a darkroom.