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When one is testing film and developers you shoot resolution charts and other test images you do not do so by shooting Halfdome or other AA subjects.
So it's either resolution charts or half dome. Are you sure there is no middle ground in there somewhere? A lot of us test out films to decide what we like and we have never taken a picture of a resolution chart. Testing out a film to see if it suits your purposes is more than just lp/mm. The subject matter I enjoy is not test charts. I test film on stuff I actually take pictures of. I'm not trying to write a scientific paper. I appreciate the resolution test results that are published and I certainly would like to know what the highest resolution film is but things like cost and tonality far outweigh lp/mm stats. Usually I will set up a scene with something white with texture and something black with texture. I will then try and have someone model for me so I can see what the skin tones are like and I will do this all outside so I can see wood, trees, grass, clouds, sky, metal. A few frames with different EIs and filters and I'm done. I then finish the roll shooting whatever I want. I've had multiple keepers off of test rolls. I own The Negative by Ansel Adams. I do not own a dedicated spot meter. I don't own a home made camera either. I like post people live somewhere in the middle. I read Ansel Adams and sometimes I say, yeah okay Ansel that's nice but photography isn't my day job.

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That's the point. Sometimes we need to be made to feel uncomfortable.
No I mean my eyes can't focus. Not "I find a picture of a woman who got hit in the face 'uncomfortabel' to look at."

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From the small amount of Tichy's work I have seen I am reserving any direct comment on it. The very fact that Tichy's work invokes an emotional response from you is an indication that his photographs are working at a certain level.
His photographs didn't evoke an "emotional response" any more than a pebble in my shoe would evoke an emotional response. I totally understand if his art means something to him and other people. There are things I like that even my girlfriend who likes me doesn't like. I can't expect the internet to agree with me.