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Bentley, that would be the Lomo LC-A (or more rare LC-M). The 'lomo' cameras referred to here are crappy plastic chinese made multi-lensed toys which are sold by the Lomographic Society International at vastly inflated rip-off prices.

The Lomo factory in St Petersburg recently ceased production of the Lomo LC-A, so now the Lomographic Society has had to find its' bread and butter elsewhere. You can see the cameras they now sell and the prices :o at the following link.

Hi Andy, thats the one. Its been a long time, must be around twenty years, as you say the price is unbelievable 173!! I know that in those days the then Soviet Union sold optical equipment at a loss, because they needed western currency to buy grain from the U.S.A. and Canada, and, even allowing for the twenty years, since we sold the camera for 29-99! It seems to me how true what someone I used to know said "Things are worth what you can get for them".