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I wish you were closer also. 8 Track was one of those things I never...well, that's not entirely true. For a while I owned a car that a prior owner had left a deck in (along with some misc tapes). I worked at night in a part of town that wasn't the best and one evening somebody broke the side window and stole it. I was much more upset to lose the window than the tape deck.
Aint life a grin? I too had my 8 track player stolen from my van.... along with my brand friggin new Nikkormat ft2!! They couldn't have been after the camera, because it was hidden under my jean jacket on the rear floor. They took my jacket too, which was weird, as it was long before they became trendy. Losing the 8 track was no big deal, I still had my radio, and soon replaced it with a cassette deck. But man, my camera! It was the only camera I had at the time, and my auto policy wouldn't cover it as it wasn't part of the car. Fortunately my home owners policy covered it because it would be something normally found in the home. (insurance is still a bit of a mystery to me)