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Hey MattKing
I think I'll make one. I'll just have to set it up on something I can leave the camera setup for a while to make the viewing measurments. The way it looks, The 2 red lines are good for the 2 1/4 measurment. I'll have to measure the 1 5/8 one.
The only one I might have trouble with is the horizontal frame when the red lines dissapear when in 6x7 verticle which would be horizontal for 6x4.5.
Thanks for the offer. Maybe if you can send it by PM, I might could use it.


Send me your email by pm, and I'll email all three versions to you.

You can then use the "Resize" function in any image editing program to match the size of the mask to real life and print it out on your printer.

By the way, my friend thinks that the little triangular hole is important if you have a metering finder - I haven't checked.