OK, the camera is here. Man it looks great! It feels even better in hand - really solid. It feel more solid than my Mamiya 6 and way more solid that the Bessa R3A which I had in the past (well - that camera is in different price range). There is very little paint loss on the bottom edges, but I could not care less

The focusing is smooth, the aperture ring feels great too. The viewfinder is nice, the rangefinder patch contrasty - no problems to focus in not-too-well lit evening living room.

I have also received the most expensive little piece of plastic I have ever bought - the sunshade, but it fits perfectly and makes it nearly impossible to get some unwanted elements on the lens which is my priority.

The only thing that could be different is the position of the tripod mounting point - completely de-centerded witch will probably not allow to use my compact table-tripod.

Let's just hope that my film order (Across 100 and Ektar) will arrive in time, but there can be some film found in local drugstore, so that is not critical.

I feel really high (NO substances other than 1.5 hours of sweating in a gym, I am KO) - this camera is going to get used quite a bit over my coming vacation. I am still fighting myself to leave the Mamiya 6 at home (should I?) to concentrate more on the XPan.