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All OM-4 models have the old, battery draining circuit board. It is possible that Olympus replaced the camera's board if it was brought in for repair. You can easily check whether or not your OM-4 has the updated board. Switch to battery test mode. If your camera starts beeping your batteries are good. Wait for about 30 seconds. If the beeping stops you have a OM-4TI in disguse. If the beeping does not stop you have a original OM-4
Battery check that turns off in 30 seconds indicates 1 of 3 possible lower drain boards. The best being one used in the 4T/Ti. Drain is about 1/6th that of the original 4 (about 5 microamps as compared to 30). You do not get Super FP flash feature as found in 4T/Ti. PS: turning the shutter speed dial to B/60 does NOT turn the drain off, it simply prevents auto meter relight). Always use silver oxide batteries for longest life. John