Hello all,

Wow, I am late to this news just browsing the forum today and I can't believe this deal has not yet been sealed! I am in the market for an affordable 8x10 camera system and I think I am seriously interested in this system. And yes, I'd be more than happy to see my money go to a good dead. Charley, btw, I don't know you but you rock!

I read all of the previous posts but still have a few questions:

- I'm planning on shooting portrait calotypes with the 8x10 camera I am to purchase, so Charley's 12" (and to some degree 10" too) Ilex paragon lens is right on. However, being that I shoot on paper ISO 3 I need my lens to be able to synch to a strobe head somehow. Is there any type of PC synch cord connector available of these older Ilex lenses?

- question 2 has to see with the front standard: I understand that it is very unique and sounds like buckets of fun to play with. I would however be in need of "some" front tilt movement, even if minimal (say 5) for the type of portraits I have in mind. Would there be any way to implement such movement on that unusual rotating front standard?

- OK last question: I lived in Chicago 5 years, teaching photo at Governors down south in the burbs, but moved to Vancouver, Canada about 1 year and a half ago: would you accept to ship there? I would of course pay for the extra shipping cost and import duties (already used to that, unfortunately)?

Thank you in advance for your answers, as well as for reconfirming what final asking price you were set on ($550 plus S/H?).