Selling a variety of gear to fund other gear.

Shipping is extra, Paypal or money order preferred.

1. Omega C760 dichroic head - quite dusty, but working fine, with power supply integrated. $25
2. Omega Chromega Dichroic II head - quite dusty, works but filters seem a bit faded. $15
3. Omega Chromegatrol - Integrated power supply and timer - a bit dirty, but works fine. $45
4. Omega D series chassis to baseboard plate. Flat plate with hardware to attach an Omega D series chassis to a baseboard. $10
5. Omega Chromega Dichroic head lifting arms (set of 2) Used- but good shape. $20
6. Omega D series counter balance springs ( set of 2) Used- good shape. One screw type. $15
7. Omega B series count balance spring. Part # 9-103-1403. Used in good shape. $7
8. Omega D series head securing assembly. Sorry, I don't know what this is called. Small assembly that stop the head from traveling up and down the chassis. $5

Need other parts? I might have them....thumb screws, small plastic spacers between chassis and head on D series enlargers, etc.. Just ask.