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A ridiculous question as HCB is backed up by a worldwide historic consensus of opinion from millions of people, many of whom are more qualified to comment than I.
I have a book which is a compendium of a photo magazine's best articles.
One is of the 10 best photographers in the world as of the 1950's.
I can be pretty sure that the list contains names that are virtually unknown to most here.
Historic consensus changes and may be largely influenced by a relatively few people.
Also, judging by "world wide consensus", there is not much of value from anywhere but the US and Europe for the first 130 years of Photography.

I think that is a poor measure of worth, driven by celebrity and regurgitation of historical texts (Newhall) and business.
On the other hand there is no doubt that the driving force behind the attention to Vivian Maier is business.
Personally I am always glad when another unknown gets a bit of time in the light.
We will never know how she would have cropped her photos, We know HCB would if necessary, despite claims to the contrary
I would welcome a print comparison regarding " composition, decisive moment, Zen photography, contemplation of space and vision, realisation of differential focus, perspective, lighting, geometry, framing, contemplation and respect of subject." But that is a doctoral dissertation or a book.
Honest disclosure: I think White is better than Stieglitz.