I just emailed FreestylePhoto.Biz in Hollywood, they get their newest load of CR-200 and Rollei Crossbird slide film in tomorrow (June 26)

They were kind of in "Denial" about some of their film being "Yellow"

I told them it would be best to test a roll from each batch they have.......And.......I told them about extensive discussions going on about this "Yellow" CR-200 film problem on this form and others.

They have been properly informed! Let's see what happens.....

FreeStylePhoto.Biz has an excellent reputation for great products and services it is hoped that they will not be selling anymore "Piss-A-Chrome" CR-200.

If any of you folks should wind up with "Piss-A-Chrome" yellow CR-200 from FreestylePhoto.biz from their latest batch or any batch for that matter you be
sure to post here on this forum.

Likewise if the film looks good please post on this forum right away as well.