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I read Apo Summicron 50 is 4 times better blue corrected than ordinary Summicron. What is the meaning of this ? How images look like ? Velvia ?

hi umut

like most new leica stuff, i bet it makes beautiful images.
color rendition and local/general contrast are probably perfect. ...
and worth every penny they charge for it.

the thing about leica equipment is that the people who complain about it the most
( being expensive, boutique, not worth the $$, not as high quality as people say &c )
can't afford the equipment or don't want it anyways ...

have you gone to RFF to see what the people there say about it ?
i'm guessing different things than apug community, IMNSHO
80% of the people here are bottom feeders and think 200$ for a 1800$ camera is too much
its obvious they think 7000$ for a 200$ lens is too much too, isn't it

YMMV of course !