I guess we can agree to disagree. However I didn't say you could learn without modeling lights????????. I said I wouldn't recomment it.

I learned portraiture on some crap lights that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I have used most light that are on the market (including Dynalites which I also love) but I wouldn't necessarily recommend them to someone who asked the question about a basic in home studio setup.

A competent photographer could take a portrait with his cars headlights but that is hardly good advice to someone who need help starting out.

The original question was a basic lighting setup, not how cheaply can I scab something together.

I believe that one monolight, one fomecore reflector and a few hours spend study lighting and practicing with the modeling light is a better way to go that burning up polaroid film or shooting and printing some jerry rigged junk lighting setup.

I also believe that the positive results that are achieved by spending a little money and doing it right will in the long run will save money.

So please feel free to give your advice and I will give mine. The person posing the question can feel free to do what he pleases. I have no vested interested in what kinds of lites that he buys. I am merely giving him advice based on 27 years experience as a portrait photographer, and don't wish him to have to relive the mistakes I made when I started out.

Michael McBlane