I see you're listed as an MFer, so perhaps you're not overly familiar with the trials and tribulations of being an LFer. Don't get discouraged, but there are some challenges ahead for you, and please forgive me if I'm telling you things you already know.

The two lenses that I offered are lenses only - there are no shutters with them, and thus no strobe sync. To use them, you'd have to choose a mounting method, e.g., mounting flange, lens clamp or just screwing them into a lens board with, perhaps, a little glue. I don't know if I have a mounting flange for either of the lenses, but will look around.

Shutters are another challenge. The expensive way of joining a lens to a shutter is to have a machinist take the front and rear cells out of the barrel and mount them into a shutter. A somewhat cheaper method is to have a machinist mount the entire lens onto the front of a shutter. A much cheaper method is to use a Packard shutter, perhaps mounted in front of the lens. Believe me, many, many of us have duct taped Packards to lenses.

All that said, I'd personally recommend you start with the simplest, cheapest mounting & syncing method - use a hat for a shutter and fire the strobe manually. If you're in a studio using ISO 3 paper, that'll work fine.