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tichy did the best he could with what he had, and i think that is what i find remarkable about his work. trained as a sculptor,
his photographs ( or at least some of them ) look like sculptures rather than people photographed ... the "hotness" and dark OOF backgrounds.
i would imagine if anyone here on apug tried to make photographs as he did, they would probably fail. he knew his materials and equipment
well enough to succeed where most would fail, and he created a body of work as well.



i have seen work by both the photographers you mentioned
( not the one from australia ) and while to a lot of people they are the epitome
of modern photography ... deadpan and posed portraits ...
they have never really done it for me. i know some people go nuts for this sort of stuff
as well as gurtsky and others in this new tradition
i find the work to be kind of mundane and oh humm ... kind of too staged and fake.
tichy's images have a surreal quality to them much like atget's work .
there isn't really much "to get" unlike the others mentioned where you have to read a treatise to "get it"

tichy to me is like the chuck bukowsky of czech photography ...
its too bad they don't make a feature film of him, his life, troubles and work. i'd pay to see it in a heartbeat.
( i have seen barfly, and private eye as well )
Using what was at hand to him: OK that is a point, I don't know how difficult it was in Soviet era Czechoslovakia to find gear,maybe they were all living in cardboard boxes.

If it isn't art, I don't know what it is.

I didn't dare say anything about Jeff Wall, I'd leave it as saying that I was really disappointed that the Soviet soldiers chatting shot wasn't included and there was nothing in that genre of his.

Bukovsky? Now that really helps. (deep breath) Don't care for him that much (except for "Post Office" which I read when I was mail sorter) but that does make some sense of Tichy, thanks. Maybe it's a Slav thing.