Any chance of a price?

Never seen one of these with a point source head.

Presumably the neg carriers run 135 / 120 (6x645 - 6x6 - 6x7 - 6x9) / 4x5" / 5x7" ?

Lenses? 45mm to 60mm for 135mm, 105mm, 180mm or is it running the 240mm some of them came with????? What brand of lenses, many of these came with Schneider lens kits as there was something like a 15% or around that saving if you purchased the whole lens array with the enlarger. Well in Melbourne that's how it was in the eighties anyway.

I don't remember the 5x7" free standing enlarger being higher than the 4x5" free standing enlarger so it should fit, I think the baseboard size is also the same. I know the 8x10" free standing has a bigger baseboard, just.

Presumably this was used for commercial purposes, or does the virgin bit means it hasn't been used commercially? They don't wear out looks wise, even with fairly heavy use, my 4x5" was hammered in it's commercial life, but it doesn't look it.