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yup in a hundred 100k there would be some winners - EXCEPT that those who have seen whole contact sheets say she never took multiples, only one exposure. i wish i had one tenth as good an eye!!!
What does that have to do with anything? Are you saying if you shot 100,000 negatives with no duplicates you couldn't come up with keepers?! Brute force papers over all kinds mediocrity. I've stated this before in this thread. Way before Maier was an internet sensation and lay people marveled at my portfolio I would tell them if you are semi competent, take enough pictures, and edit carefully you will have a decent portfolio. I never imagined someone putting that philosphy on steriods and cranking out 100,000 negatives.

Truth be told I can't fully assess her as an artist. A lot of it isn't even developed yet. I am not going to come to a final conclusion on the quotient until there is some honest idea about the denominator.