Perhaps she was obsessive and compulsive and somewhat socially odd but she put that all to good use.
An interesting part of the story is that the negatives were originally divided into three parts by the guy who sold them. Three different individuals bought them.
Maloof started selling his part on ebay until people demanded he stop. Then he started a flickr page and people told him the work was great and then he started producing it
and had exhibits and made a book. Only then did the second guy seeing how famous she was becoming start producing his part with exhibits and books.
I went to a talk by the second guy and saw a show of the work and it became clear how important was the editing by these buyers. The second guys exhibit seemed to me not nearly
as good as the first set. Then in the talk the second guy admitted editing out a whole series of her work shooting down into garbage cans because he didn't think people would be interested in that.
The third part of the work has yet to be produced. the guy who bought it is sitting on it and no one knows how much work he has or how good it is.