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Do you talk to Ansel often?
I don't know if you are saying this to attack me or defend Ansel. I will assume you are saying this to defend Ansel. As I said I own his book The Negative. I have nothing against the guy. I am a hobbyist. I simply do not have the time money nor inclination to do everything Ansel espouses. I have no problem with him doing it. I'm glad he did it. I am a fan of his art and in my ill informed opinion he has done more for the field of photography than any other single artist I can think of. I'm still not going to run out and get a $300 spot meter tomorrow. That doesn't invalidate Ansel's technique. Me using an incident meter and getting on with taking my pictures is not a shot across the bow of Ansel.

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I suggest you see your optician.

You're clearly not a ballet dancer...
Seriously man I am just giving my honest narrow opinion. I may have been a bit blunt. It's art. I was answering a question that really has no right answer. If people like his stuff that is their business. I like plenty of artists that other people don't like.