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I am sorry to hear that the camera was damaged, it is most important that the lens and image plane are correctly aligned to get the best from the camera. You might consider one of the other EL# models as the ELD only gives you an advantage if you are working digitally and the ELD models sell for a higher price because of the additional connections. The money you save there could be used to better or more optics.
I agree on the older EL# models being a good place to save a few bucks. I just bought a chrome ELM with 90 finder and older 12 back plus two Varta batteries that aren't swollen for a total of $150.00. I didn't really need it, but at that price it has to sit next to my other black ELM. To me that's a lot of "bang for the buck"! You stick a lens like my old fantastic chrome 80mm 2.8 on it and I'm sure you're not going to know if the resulting picture was shot with a old clunker ELM or a 555ELD, but that's just my way of looking at it. Different strokes for different folks! JohnW