Hi Ken

This brings up something that I find interesting.

I have all of Fred Pickers Notes, in the 70's and 80's I worked at photography as a printer and lived and died by his notes and some of the photo mags of the time. It was my only connection to the outside world of photography.
She is of an era even before the FP notes and she worked it seems relentlessly at exposing film, Was there a photo culture in Chicago at that time ??
But since the days of internet, APUG, Large Format has replaced The Notes and Camera Mag's as a place to talk to others interested in photography.

So I actually think she would be here , most likely under an assumed name , jumping in here and there where she felt comfortable talking.
I am one who thinks the new Ansel Adams, HCB, Brassai or August Sander may be talking on one of these forums.
It is international, it is all encompassing photo talk, and yes full of knobs but still a great place to learn.


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While it may be a difficult pill for some here to swallow, I'm pretty darned sure Ms. Maier had never even heard of APUG.