You don't really need to order as a group to get savings.

Don't order from PF directly, as they will confim your order and not apply shipping until they decide what way they want to ship it. For some reason they do not let you review the order at that point. That could translate to a surcharge from ups (on top of the shipping) of about $30 for broker fees.

I have had good success from BH with what they carry. They also offer cheap and friendly prepaid taxes and duties with purilator. If they have it, I generally go on-line to get it.

Get friendly with the folks in TO. There are places there that are not on the radar and are photographer friendly.

It's often easier and cheaper to get stuff from non US sources. It was quite reasonable to get Stannous Chloride from the UK via ebay. US sources would not ship it past the border.

There are chemical distributors in Ottawa that can sell some of the chemicals you will need. I looked at some of these a while ago looking for some pyro developer ingredients.

There is all kinds of stupidity over the simplest of items so prepare to be creative. It would not hurt to be incorporated.

Just some thoughts from a dude from Montreal who makes most of his own stuff.