This discussion has made me think about what and why I shoot what I do and has maybe made me think about changing some of it. I should have "deep thoughts" more often it might do me some good.

I find that a colorful "pretty scene" of whatever, usually drives me to use color to try to capture what I see as I see it. It then becomes a technique proplem of how to achieve that end and it therefore subject driven. I don't create something different I simply capture the subject and I need to rethink this approach somewhat.

However when I see a strong graphic design such as Jim's machinery (for me it's old mining equipment) or dramaticly lit portraits, or even just play of light and shadows I am thinking of the print and how it will look. This is usually black and white 4x5 work as I can make the subject change with technique and am previsualizing the print. Whether I succeed or not is another matter.

I know that if I shoot something such as Moon Over Hernandez that most likely I will get a flat uninteresting print as I don't yet have the skills to execute it like Adams did. Believe me I try. I think that would be a subject driven black and white and I can't yet do those well.

On the color side I probably need to work more on thinking of the final print effect I want whether or not it is an accurate representation of what I see. I really appreciate some of the more abstract or graphic color shots that others do even when they are often photoshoped.

Don't know if this makes much sense as I am kind of thinking out loud.