Two light meters for sale:

1. A Minolta Flash Meter IV with case and 5 attachment. Working, accurate and good cosmetic condition. $100 + shipping (will just fit in a small priority flat rate box, so that's $6 for US).


2. Gossen Luna-Pro with case, manual, and 7/15 attachment. It's the older CdS version that uses PX-13 batteries or the Gossen adapter. Needle moves with zinc-air hearing aid batteries, but reads about 1.5 stops high. Fair condition as there is some detritus in the meter window of the 7/15 attachment that could be cleaned. $30 + $9 shipping US.


(I've bought or given away gear here a number of times, but this will be the first time selling. The hoarder in me is silently screaming but some things will just have to go.)