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I won't have any paper to keep, just color/b&w chemicals and film. So film in the freezer chemicals in the fridge right? Good point about the defrost feature, just the reason I asked this question. Sound's like I should just get a normal freezer/fridge, they are cheap enough on craigs list.
Nope, get a chest freezer - like the kind your parents may have stored meat in. The defrost cycle is not really as big a concern as people make it out to be.

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Personally, I keep film and paper in fridge but not chemicals - liquid or powder.
I also keep chemicals outside of the freezer or fridge, but powders should be fine frozen. There's no water involved and they're already solid, so I can't really see how freezing would harm the chemical makeup of things. That being said, most powders are nitrogen sealed from the factory and aren't really going to do much on their own unfrozen as it is.