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What, you mean the wifi in the really expensive apartment I'm staying in is not connected to the outside world?

I intend to buy a data-SIM for wandering around with. Surely you can get prepaid data SIMs in Canada?

You should ask for as much information about wifi that they can give you including any configuratioin settings that need to be changed (proxies, gateways etc.); it's Canada, not Australia. The likely unusual internet standard of North America mentioned by MattKing rings a bell. This needs research.

Yes, the prepaid SIM is what they are using there and it has worked well everywhere from Vancover to Banff to Ketchikan and Juneau; it has not been so useful though at Skagway in AK; now en route back to Vancouver (home Monday night) and said three text messages were sent to me from Skagway but nothing has been received here...just the one sent approaching Vancouver. The overall costs of things the folks encountered will be of great interest to me (planning a trip in 2014), but they are big spenders on food and wine, not so crash hot on exploring like us, and photography...well, I gave them my old digi and two 16Gb cards and to date only 102 photos taken in 4 weeks from bus seats, a chopper and a light plane! Vancouver is apparently Canada's most expensive city but other travellers have said a good meal there is cheaper than Sydney. So lots of little things to be learnt. So you'll be up there in the fall (autumn)? No doubt that will be a treat for the colours.