Actually, the "unusual standard" refers to the mobile phone systems. I've never heard that our internet access systems are unusual.

As for how expensive it is here, we do have the highest shelter costs in Canada, but other costs vary widely.

Film is available at a few locations, at costs higher than the big US retailers, but less than Australia.

Our alcohol and cigarette products are highly taxed, and therefore relatively expensive. Our better BC wines are quite good, but can be more expensive than a lot of the Australian wine that we import (among many others).

Groceries range from very cheap to more expensive than the US.

We have some tremendous, world class restaurants that we consider expensive, but visitors tell us are cheap in comparison to restaurants of similar stature in other parts of the world.

And we are tremendously multi-cultural. You can find cuisine from just about everywhere here. Some of it is exceptionally reasonable in price.

I just spent $8.55 plus tip for lunch today in a local pub - A dozen chicken wings, a nice side salad with ranch dressing, and a pint (1/2 litre?) of local draft beer. That is their Wednesday special, and one of the better deals around.