Why can't they connect to the internet with their PC?
Hotels only provide limited help, and cannot even use wifi where provided.
Only thing that is working is the prepaid sim, which is about to run out.

MattKing what you've mentioned is consistent with that I've been told and read. I'm surprised you find Australian wines up there: what are they? I don't drink, don't smoke — never have! The $8.55 you mentioned ... that would be about AUD$11.00 now with the dollar though it has stabilised. That's what irritates me the most; how far the Australian dollar goes up there. I don't know anybody at all who has gone to Canada, as a photographer, on a shoestring, and come through easily. Only mega-expensive tour and accommodation stuff that is nowhere near what I'd be looking at (YHA Canada for me, LOL!!).

Is Polyglot taking own film or buying there?

All very intersting stuff in this thread indeed!