I also let me curiosity lead me to buy a couple of rolls. The film came in a cardborad box marked made in the Czech republic in english. It is in the same cassettes that foma has been using lately for their Fomapan 400, which are also the cassettes that Ferania used to use for their colour films. The can was also like the Ferania Cans. (Foma B&W was shipped in those for quite a while, but the last batch I received was back to the style they used to use)

Compairing the leader to the leader on Fomapan 400, it is a different shape with rounded corners.

I dug a roll of Arista Color out of the freezer and thawed it. The arista colour was Ferania/imation.

the equicolor leader matches in both shape and colour to the ferania. I did not have a roll of Fuji handy to see what the colour of that leader compairs.

Both colour films and the Fomapan 400 have the SAME DX bar code. (pelling the Foma B&W label does show C-41 by the way - hopefully the remaining photo-finishers are not automated enough to run it in C-41)

It will be a while until I get to use a roll, and have it processed So I can compare the edge print. If nothing else those who collect film packages have an interesting one ot look at