I have nothing to do with Luigi and do not own any of his cases.

However, the remark "these prices are absurd" is interesting to examine.

I would estimate that such a case takes probably a day to make, maybe 2. Anyone know better? Also included in this day is the administrative work to collect orders, maintain site, answer questions, ship orders.

From that Euro480 (the price on his own web site), deduct the costs:-
€30-50 for leather and suede
€20 for PayPal charges
€80 per day for Rental value for a workshop/office in Rome
€?? for cost of tooling - but anyone who has a workshop knows how much good tools are compared to cheap ones and how much effort is required to maintain the tools.

Estimate €150 or so deduction from his price, which means he makes €330 for a days work, before all taxes, insurances, etc. (which are significant in Europe).

An IT professional in Rome (with experience) charges around €700 per day, so in my opinion Luigi's charge is not an excessive number - even if he were to make 2 in a day.

The only question is - do you want to pay this price for this case? That is upto you for your perceived "value" of this case.