Hello Everybody, For the past fifty or so years, I've used an Omega B (just a B, no numbers) which is a pre-war (WWII) enlarger. Over the years, I've modified it to inlude a filter drawer (used during the time I was making Cibachrome prints). I have recently been thinking about a "new" enlarger, and I wonder if anyone has had actual experience on both the Omega B8 and the Besler 23. The only other enlarger I ever owned was a Leitz Valoy. Sold it when I bummed off to Europe. The college where I last taught had a Besler 23 in the student darkroom. I never worked with it, but formed a vague, possibly erroneous, impression of sloppily finished gears on the adjusting gear and a general proneness to vibration. I've never seen a B8 in the flesh, but it looks to be a very solid instrument. Anyway, I hope that some of you may have worked on either or, preferably, both of them and can perhaps share the benefits of your experiences.

Cheers and thanks,
John P