I'd say by the looks of the first roll shots that you're well on your way. I'd love to have a 67II, but since I have a couple of nice 6X7's and money is an object, I'll just have to be happy. Besides, a camera is only a "light-tight box" anyway. What's important is what you stick on that light-tight box. I'll just keep putting my Pentax glass on my old Pentax light-tight boxes, but if I should come by a 67II cheap I might just have to upgrade one of those other light-tight boxes. The nice thing about the 6x7 format and the great Pentax glass is that I have no problem cranking out beautiful 16x20's with very little effort. Of course my Rollei or Hasselblad can too, but that's a different story for another day. I have never compared the 67II to a 67 or 6X7, but some say it's easy to handle and lighter???? Have fun and enjoy your new toy. Oh, great price also! JohnW