I guess this isn't a proper introduction, since I already posted one in the "Darkroom Equipment" forum...

But anyway, hello everyone at APUG! You have already been incredibly helpful with my enlarger questions. Thanks to you, I have a lovely Beseler enlarger sitting in my basement, and my first batch of chemicals is on the way from Adorama at this very moment.

I shot digital for a long time...and will continue to do so where I need to (mainly product shots for my company)...but I have totally fallen for my Mamiya RB67. I bought it a few months ago on a lark. Now I find myself with a big stack of film in the cabinet and a constant desire to get out there and shoot. The results are just amazing. So far, the only "good" shots I've taken were on Portra 160, and there is a look to them that is just indescribably cool. I've gotten pretty good with PS over the years, but I have a hard time thinking one could easily replicate that look. (Nik ColorEfx? Forget it.)

The other thing I noticed is that my Nikon gear seems like a pile of cheap plastic toys compared to the Mamiya gear. Even my DC105 f/2, which is about as heavy duty of a lens as Nikon makes, pales in comparison.

So here I am, about to start B&W developing and enlarging, and loving my MF camera.