I stopped using brown bottles for most photo chemicals. I question the idea that they are significantly light sensitive. Most of the liquid concentrates I've seen come in white or translucent HDPE. If light sensitivity were an issue, wouldn't they tend to use darker bottles?

Having said that, I use PETE rather than HDPE because PETE is a better oxygen barrier. I use clear bottles because I want to be able to see the color of the developer as it sits there on the shelf. I also divide them up into smaller containers and use marbles when I don't have a container size that perfectly fits the amount of liquid.

Also, my dark room is dark more often than not, so it's not like any of my photo chemicals get that much light to begin with.

As for the fear mongering, like most people, I think everything that comes into contact with human beings should have warning labels (if not an operator's handbook) to ensure the safety of the least common denominators in the world. And because those who need the warnings the most will not read them. we need laws to make reading them mandatory. Children should be raised collectively because individual parents are so stupid they would never know to keep their kids from dangerous chemicals without some kind of adviser serving up constant reminders. After all, photo chemicals are definitely among the worst substances on the planet aside from fat (or sugar, depending on which camp you're from). And I won't even mention how annoying it is having to constantly step over the little dead bodies as you're carrying large wet prints out to the drying area. We should all do our part to keep the staggering death toll from photo chemicals from rising. The very existence of the human race (especially cute helpless innocent children) depends on it.