I currently have both of these enlargers. The Beseler 23cII is in storage for now however. It's not that I think less of it, but my B8 has a cold light head on it, and I also use a Omega D2 with a condenser head on it. Both of these enlargers operate about the same so it's less confusing, and gives me more printing options. If I were to choose just one enlarger however, I would go with the Beseler, as it is easier to operate, is more flexible to use, and you can use various focal length lenses on it without having to buy the somewhat hard to find lens cones that the Omegas require. The Beseler is a larger enlarger than the B8, so keep that in mind if you're limited on space. I used an Omega B3 for a long time until the bellows rotted out. Never seen that on an enlarger before. But both the Beseler and Omega enlargers are well built and will last a long time, and properly set up will give excellent results.