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As to shooting in Portland, no problem and it has a lot of interesting areas to shoot in. If you make it to North Portland to an area called St Johns you will find a great camera store that specializes in analog and has a tremendous used camera department and even does optical printing for your color film.. it is called "Blue Moon". Walk from there to Cathedral Park for some interesting views.
I did hear about Blue Moon but not sure I'm going to be able to make it up there. But thanks for the headsup! If I ever drive down there I will be sure to check it out.

I'm actually going by train so will have my film in sandwich bags ready to be hand-inspected. Hopefully no issues in this regard

Appreciate all the resource! I've bookmarked and saved a few of them and will definitely have to consider my pros and cons of taking certain images. I will hopefully look like another tourist so I can just blend in with the other tourists.

Someone here raised a good point about not looking like a pro as the border is pretty strict on people crossing over to work. I plan to bring multiple cameras... Anyone think there will be an issue with that? Suggest to go with small cameras? (Planning to bring 3 - 2 color, 1 b&w - all 35mm)