Hi I just developed my first roll of Fuji Experia 200 and got my local lab to develop and scan the negs. Results were far from what I expected. From what I can remember they were shot at mostly 1/1000 at around f1.4-f5.6
1/1000 at around f4
Image is pale and severely lacks contrast.

This is one of the few decent images that were not pale and had adequate contrast, but I don't remember the settings used.

Another decent image included a 1/15 f1.4 shot in a dimly lit tunnel.
Could someone help me decipher if this is a problem of poor exposure (under/overexposure), poor developing, poor scanning, or film reciprocity failure (due to mostly 1/1000 shutter speeds)?

I've checked my camera's metering and it seems to be pretty accurate, maybe 1 stop off what it reads from the dslr which I've accounted for in every photo.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!