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Believe me when I say this.

Dinesh and his side kick from Texas , are unrelenting in their abuse of me, any chance , so slight, to give some payback is taken.

He never attacks you as he knows you are 6 ft 5 and would probably kick his ass if you ever meet him in person. Someday I do know he will show up at Photostock.

I am an old, old , tiny man who they both seem to like to pick on.
Shame on them. Worse than the school yard bullies.
So he's a coward. That's sad, but there are always sharks under the surface. I always held him in good regard as an upstanding citizen, but now that I hear this, I have no choice but to change my opinion. Very sad.
He keeps blaming me for having locked up Cardwell, for your information, so he slides a few in under the radar in my general direction too. I wonder if there are some underlying mental problems, causing this totally unfounded aggression.