It seems to be perfect timing for me because I have a ton of 70mm unperforated film in the freezer, and just placed my pre-order for Ilford 70mm film.

Anyways, I bought an Alden 70 film loader and a 70mm Nikor film tank. These two items I spared no expense on. I really like the 70mm bulk film loader. 70mm film canisters are super simple to load, no tape needed as each spool has a metal clip. The Alden 70 film loader also has a built in film splicer which is nice.

Has anyone had any experience loading 70mm film reels in changing bags? I'm having trouble because they're so big. I'm thinking of building a film changing box.

I'm so glad to be done with bidding wars. I have everything I need to continue my 116 film project.

There's still a lot of 70mm reels and tanks on ebay. By a lot I mean more than two auctions lol.