This is all extremely helpful and I am glad I posted. My needs are pretty simple at this point. I just want to experiment with a few developers and possibly fixers. Nothing exotic yet.

I also found PF's page a little confusing but Sherry assured me that if there was a cheaper method than what I saw on the screen, PF would do that, and if it was MORE expensive, she would let me know before shipping. Also - and I may have misunderstood - she said that ALL fees were included in their shipping price. So I got the impression that when I ordered from PF, there would be no little UPS surprises this side of the border (which usually amount to about 40 bucks on shipments between $100-$200).

I found Nymoc very helpful but, honestly, a little expensive, even if I factor in the shipping from a US supplier. I don't why this stuff is so dang expensive up here. Does no one make it in Canada? I couldn't find any places in Ottawa that sold what I needed for a reasonable price. Some pharmacies sell some of what I need but they have only pharmaceutical grade which is WAY more expensive, and the minimum quantities are huge.

I checked out Artcraft too and they are a little cheaper than PF, I think, but they do not sell glycin and I would be hit by UPS charges over the border.

I am not that far from the border (about an hour). Have any of you fellow Canucks had orders shipped to a UPS depot just south of the border for pickup? It would probably not save me much but I could turn it into a photography trip (my fave 8x10 neg was taken near Brockville: ) Is there any hassle bringing chemicals across the border if I drove down to pick them up?