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In her case I get the distinct feeling that she wasn't making them because she wanted to. She was making them because she HAD to. As if she couldn't have stopped even if she had wanted to stop, and that the subject matter was largely irrelevant and just an excuse. I could be wrong, of course. But that's what I think I see.
In which case she would more likely be prowling pages like Deviant Art... or at least DA, before it became mostly just... um, deviant. (but that's another conversation entirely)

For my part, I find myself moved in some way by virtually every Maier photograph I have seen, even her "lesser" ones, which is something I cannot say for HCB, Ansel Adams or Edward Weston. (The only other photographer who provokes a similar response in me is my own favourite, Willy Ronis, but I digress.) I don't believe I am just following the rest of the herd like in this like just another sheep, but that is for others to judge. I had the same visceral response to her work from the very first day I saw her story and images appear on the internet, and that was before she began to be labeled as either genius or wannabe.

As regards the debate surrounding her place as an artist, I believe that some people find comfort and optimism in the idea that there are unknown geniuses amongst us while others require more stringent provenance before granting admittance to the "inner circle". Both points of view are valid; in the fullness of time Vivian Maier will find her proper place among either the very good or among the great photographers of our day.

"Being art isn't a property of a thing, but in how we perceive that thing."
(I found this quote this morning in a video on 12-tone music, and it's stuck in my head now)