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Well, with a conventional lensboard and the front mount I can't bring it to focus further than about 18" in front of the lens on my 8x10, and on the 5x7 it won't quite reach infinity. I'll need to get my wife to fire up the wood shop for a recessed board, but I can sanity-check its performance at portrait distances on the 5x7 this evening.

The good news is that at the point-blank range where I *can* focus the 8x10, I don't think I've hit the mechanical vignetting from the shutter. It may actually work as it is for macro use, although I don't know that its performance in that role will be too exciting. Dan, have you tried it for macro work in, say, the 1:1-2:1 range?

Re your focusing problems, what are your cameras? I ask because as I calculate it 18" in front of the lens is ~ 4.5 focal lengths, so on your 8x10 extension must be ~ 1.25 focal lengths, i.e., 160 mm, of which ~ 25 mm will be due to the shutter.

I have smaller cameras than you, but even my 4x5 Cambo and the CC-401 I sold early this year have minimum extensions much shorter than 135 mm. Given the shutter's thickness, you'll need minimum extension of around 95 mm to make infinity with a 120.

I haven't tried either of my f/14 Perigraphes (60, 90) closeup. I haven't felt the need to use them for closeup since I have other more luminous lenses that do very well closeup.