I divide my gallon of D76 stock solution among 3 1qt bottles and 4 8oz bottles. Each 8oz is exactly right for a 1:1 dilution used one shot. When the 8oz bottles are empty, another one of the 1qt bottles gets split out into them. I'll likely do the same thing once I pick up some Dektol. Mixed stop bath is in another 1qt bottle. Fixer goes in a sturdy 1 gallon pourable plastic jug with a sealing top.

The 1qt bottles originally had Powerade or some similarly unpleasant content. The 8oz bottles are from a 6-pack of Mott's apple juice. All are clearly marked (mostly so *I* don't use the wrong chemical) and kept in a cabinet in my office-soon-to-be-darkroom. Kids can't get in, and if an adult decides that they should be drinking out of a bottle marked "D76, do not drink" which they found in a closed plastic tote in a child-locked cabinet in a room full of photography stuff well away from all the other drinkable fluids, well...they really *should* have known better.

Perhaps I need to put a "beware of the leopard" sign on the door, just to be absolutely certain nobody drinks my chemicals.