I like VM's images, but I can't say that I like the modern prints. Intention is a great part of art. How do we know how she would have printed her work? The video shows the glaring disparity between how she printed herself and how the prints are made now. The prints now are huge compared to what she did in her life. The scenes where her prints are strewn out over a table gives a good perspective on this. Frankly, I don't consider the prints that are made now to be genuine. Another problem with all of this is the people who have control over it are trying to capitalize on all of the hype, which they are promulgating themselves. $2000 for an unsigned VM image is a little ridiculous to me. You would be lucky to get that much from a Weston. AA's studio prints are far more genuine, but don't cost nearly as much. Hype, hype, hype.

I really wish a museum had found these images to do right by her. It is a shame that the sharks surrounded it and went into a feeding frenzy. By all accounts of how she was in life, I doubt she would appreciate what is going on now, nor would she have wanted it.

I find all of this rather amusing, and sad.