[QUOTE=Patrick Robert James;1515371 $2000 for an unsigned VM image is a little ridiculous to me. You would be lucky to get that much from a Weston. AA's studio prints are far more genuine, but don't cost nearly as much. Hype, hype, hype.

I really wish a museum had found these images to do right by her. It is a shame that the sharks surrounded it and went into a feeding frenzy. By all accounts of how she was in life, I doubt she would appreciate what is going on now, nor would she have wanted it.

I find all of this rather amusing, and sad.[/QUOTE]

Agreed, and not nit-picking but your figures are a bit off. According to Edward-Weston.com,
"The prices of these Edward Weston photographs printed by Cole Weston currently range from $3000. to $15,000 based on the image and the availability. Edward's most popular images, such as Pepper 1930, Shell, 1927 and Nude, 1936 range from $9000. to $18,000. There are many other wonderful images still available in the $3000 to $4000 range."

Hackel Bury Lists Ronis' prints from $5500 to $6900. (and if I had that amount in disposable income, I might buy one)

But I agree, the hype surrounding Maier is almost unparalleled considering she was unknown five years ago. The fullness of time will decide if $2000 is an appropriate value for a Maier print. More than the hype, though, I bemoan Maloof's irresponsible hawking of her negatives on ebay. Of course, for those who see her as an artless hack, this is no great loss. Others may disagree.