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Or use a fine-grain film. Of course it's grainy with HP5.

Acros, TMX, Pan-F and Efke-25 are all awesome in Rodinal.
Good point. I shoot mainly on the Street and did use FP4+. However, with our typical British climate (cloudy) and my preference for Zone Focussing, I ran into problems with achieving a workable DOF.

Most of my subject matter exhibits the annoying tendency to move. Further, they have a nasty habit of not keeping a consistant distance from the lens from subject to subject.

Unable as I am to focus and adjust metering and aperture for each shot (the shot would be gone), I have to set the camera for between 250th - 500th and an aperture of around f/8 - f/11. This gives me a zone of approximately 15 -30ft.

With FP4+ and the low light, I could only achieve between 60th - 125th, not enough to freeze the movement sufficiently, whilst maintaining a workable DOF.

Now with HP5+, I can shoot at 250th - 500th (1000th on a really good day) and still keep the DOF, thereby seeing the shot, raising the camera and shooting in a second.

Happy times.