I have an upright freezer in my garage, almost stuffed with film and paper. I say almost, because I keep the bottom drawer for longer term storage food items, like summer picked berries, etc.

If the power fails in this sort of freezer, any frost accumulation on the shelves, where the chiller pipe sections are, will melt, lightly wetting the stuff on the shlef below it, and then will gradually migrate to the bottom of the freezer, where my plastic bags of food will see the outside wetted.

I have a pal with a chest freezer where the power got pulled accidentlally over one weekend, and noticed mid week. I just bought the last of his stocks, since he has stepped to the dark side. All of the packages were stacked veritcally, and all smell of off beef juices. Fortunately I had enough spare empty paper envelopes and boxes to toss all of the fouled outer paper packaging.

Power wise, I am mid way though a study of where the power we consumes goes in our house. I now know that my upright freezer takes 1.3 kWh per day when the door is not openned.
That is over some of the hottest weather we typically see in the summer that we experienced last week.
I typically only open the door once every few weeks, usually in the winter. Too much to do in the summer to pull paper to print all the time .

Where I live, for a good part of the winter the compressor does not run much at all, becuase the garage is typically a few degrees below freezing between mid December and mid March. .