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The film advance "problem" is a weakness of design. It's plastic-against-metal and does wear out over time, albeit not helped by aggressive winding. Pentax makes a point of winding on in one smooth continuous and firm stroke, no jerking or yanking or broken stroke. There are many tiny moving parts in that mechanism and just one needs to break before there is no winding action at all there is so much interdependence under the skin. Somewhere online is an Engineering and Service Manual for the Pentax 6x7 and 67 bodies which gives you an idea what service folk were up against. The winding mechanism weakness is purported to have been addressed in the modernised (67ii) bodies. As with everything, how you treat it will determine how well you service it. It's a nice kit indeed. The 55mm f4 is the absolute standout in what you have. The 67ii will likely make a better job of exposures shot with a polariser; with the 6x7 and 67 bodies, polarised shots are best manually metered.
I agree with all the above. When I was in my camera dealing days the main problem I would see with 67 and 6X7 Pentax cameras that people wanted to swap/trade/sell was the battery power situation or next inline was the wind problem. Knock on wood, I have never had a problem with either of my bodies, but one does and has had from the day I bought it, a slight "click" noise at the end of the winding stroke. It has no effect on spacing, but it always bothers me. Knowing that makes me be well aware to advance in one long smooth stroke. I don't know what the last version of the 55mm is like, but if it is better than my second version it must be outstanding 'cause the second version I have is very, very good. Truth is I haven't run into any "dogs" in all the lenses I have and I really haven't heard of to many people complain about bad lenses or worse yet, lens variation. I guess Pentax had a good QC program. I bet in a very short while you'll be adding more lenses and if you watch they do turn up with very fair prices also. Have fun, JohnW